VSCP Actions

Enable, Disable, Freeze

This enables or disables a certain output, or freezes the current status

Disabled and frozen outputs do not react on decision matrix events.

When disabling an output, it is automatically turned off.
When freezing (or enabling) an output, the actual status is left untouched.

Important: Even if outputs are disabled or frozen, directly writing to their statusregisters can still change them!!!
Important: Frozen outputs can still be disabled and that action might turn the outputs off!!!


In a well-insulated home, there is always a risk of overheating in the summer as accumulated heat can not escape to the outside during the nights.
The first thing to do, off course, is to make sure as little heat as possible is able to accumulate.

Although well-insulated windows already have an IR reflective film applied to the glass, they are still a major contribution to unwanted heating in the summer.
The effectiveness of this film can be found in the technical data of the windows under "Solar Insolation".

Installing the VSCP daemon on a CubieTruck

Installing the VSCP daemon on a CubieTruck (CubieBoard 3).


The system needs to have the correct tools to compile programs.
In my case, I needed to install the following additional software through the package manager.
I installed them with:

apt-get install git unzip libssl-dev libmicrohttpd-dev make cmake gcc pkg-config libgtk2.0-dev

Furthermore, you need to download several libraries, not available through the packet manager.
These are:

Åke is changing the world!

It seems a screenshot of this website got featured on the blog of Åke Hedman, the creator of VSCP:

Åke, you are not just about to change the world, but you, and VSCP, have already changed my world!

I hope you can keep enjoying beeing the Bumblebee that changes one person at a time. Before you know it, the whole world hase been changed.

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