Installing the VSCP daemon on a CubieTruck

Installing the VSCP daemon on a CubieTruck (CubieBoard 3).


The system needs to have the correct tools to compile programs.
In my case, I needed to install the following additional software through the package manager.
I installed them with:

apt-get install git unzip libssl-dev libmicrohttpd-dev make cmake gcc pkg-config libgtk2.0-dev

Furthermore, you need to download several libraries, not available through the packet manager.
These are:

OWFS sensor tools

It took a while, but there is new content.

I wrote some scripts to manage my 1-wire sensors and to store all measurements into a mySQL database.
These do not directly integrate with MisterHouse, but measurements can be easily triggered from MisterHouse and reading something from a database is also not very hard to do. ;-)

More information and the code can be found here:

Homeautomation server (Virtual)

This is the one. ;-)

It is a standard virtual Ubuntu server.
It is setup to be as independant as possible from all other infrastructure, so there is some redundant services. (mySQL, etc...)
The idea is that this machine can be moved quickly to another (hardware) server if needed.


Standard installation.

aptitude install openssh-server nullmailer apticron 

MisterHouse installation

The minimal requirements for Mister House are

aptitude install subversion libaudio-mixer-perl libgd-gd2-perl

Homeserver (Virtual)

This is not the home automation server, but just a generic virtual server that is used for other things on my home network.
It does the following:

  • Network storage through SMB/CIFS/NFS
  • Backup and AV scanning of these files
  • Monitoring and graphing of performance and availability.

Basic O.S.

It is an Ubuntu installation with the following software.

aptitude install dkms

The VBoxGuestAdditions are installed as per manual.

Various tools are installed:

aptitude install ntp nullmailer apticron snmpd

BIOS Flash successful

The BIOS chip used on the mainboard is a SST25VF080B and it turns out it is supported by flashrom.
I therefor decided to built the programmer as described on

To connect it to the SPI header on the mainboard, I used an old USB cable and crocodile clips.

However, it didn't work and I got the following error:

No EEPROM/flash device found.

Host machine

The host machine, or hypervisor, runs Ubuntu Linux 11.10 Server.

It has nothing installed, except for the bare minimum.

aptitude install openssh-server

An SSH server in order to do remote administration.
There is no graphical user interface on the server and that is not required.
You can still run graphical programs through SSH, as long as there is a graphical user interface on your machine.

aptitude install ntp

To make sure the clock on the machine is always right.

aptitude install nullmailer
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