Interesting things

Sonos zoneplayers have a webinterface, which allows us to "see" what it is doing or to change certain settings.

Zoneplayer status


This page gives the detailed status of the accessed zoneplayer.


This page is similar, but you can choose from all zoneplayers and it gives a little bit more info.

By parsing these pages, you can make decisions for your home automation system.

Ex: you can find out to which zoneplayer the official controller is linked to.
This allows to have "roaming" audio, based on where the controller is located.

Advanced configuration


You can set the "First ZonePLayer", this will change the STP bridge priority so this ZonePlayer has a better chance of becoming the STP root bridge.
Do not touch if you don't you what you are doing!


You can die ping, traceroute and nmblookup with this URL:


Rebooting the ZonePlayers without unplugging power is possible with:


Disabling Wifi

If all your Sonos players are connected to the wired ethernet, and you are not using the sonos controllers, you can disable Wifi completely in order to save wireless bandwidth for other purposes.


If you want to make this setting persistant to make it survive a reboot, you can use:



This contains things you should probably not touch. :-)


Other interesting URLs:


If you mess up, you'll probably need to do a factory reset as described on the Sonos website.

Besides TCP port 1400, it also listens on certain UDP ports which seem to change over time.

udp 0 0 ZONEPLAYER:1024*
udp 0 0*
udp 0 0*
udp 0 0*
udp 0 0*
udp 0 0*
udp 0 0*