I accidentally the whole BIOS

I still don't know what happened exactly...

When testing, Linux warned me the ACPI table definitions in the BIOS v1.02 where not correct, which happens quite a lot as ACPI is quite hard to do correctly for manufacturers.

Unfortunately these tables are important if you want to use the powersaving features and other low-level interfacing with the hardware.
These ACPI tables do get updated from time to time and I noticed there was a BIOS v1.04 available.

By now, you probably know how this story is going to end. ;-)

New hardware arrived!

Today I received my ordered hardware, so I can start building my new home server.

You can find more information here: http://www.splok.org/node/48

It looks like there are already some negative points about the Epia M900 mainboard.
I don't want to write a complete review, just address some points that are important to know if you are buying one as well.

The fan is loud

The CPU itself isn't directly under the fan, it is under the heatink at the right side.
Directly under the fan resides the chipset chip.

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