VSCP, or Very Simple Control Protocol, will be another piece that will be used in my Home Automation system.
The website (www.vscp.org) might be a little chaotic, but the protocol itself is a work of beauty.

After 12 years of development (Happy birthday VSCP!) the protocol is very mature and stable.

So, What is it?
In one sentence: It is a hardware agnostic protocol to get event and response messages around, designed to run on autonomous small footprint devices without any central point of control.
There is software to update and configure all connected devices, and there are interfaces to connect it to the "real world" for monitoring or controlling.
Even in-system firmware upgrades of connected devices is possible!

Actually, it is just like any homeautomation communication system (KNX/EIB, Nikobus, Somfy, etc...), only better.
It is open, it has no patent issues, it has many more features, there is no vendor lock-in, etc...
It even has a much nicer logo. :-)

To get a good idea of what is is and what it isn't, please read the VSCP primer. It is only 4 pages: www.vscp.org/downloads/VSCP_primer.pdf

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