Slow development

I'm getting a little bit frustrated by writing software for Arduino.

Am not a software developer, but I don't like the language at all.
On the other hand I realy like that a "release" consists of a complete toolchain.

With every new release there is problems: They changed some API's completely and/or some libraries just don't work as described, or the documentation is not complete.

Just by writing, in my opinion, fairly basic software, I'm forced to start and/or contribute to several bug reports for various strange, obscure, unexplainable and apparently random issues.

Once there is a patch or new Arduino release, the broken code works most of the time, but it turns out half of your other code needs to be rewritten because of an unrelated API change. :-(

Sometimes it seems patches take ages to get included in the release.
Right now I need a patch that was contributed on 28th august 2011, and still didn't make it to the official release.
Without the patch UDP packets (sent and received) get mangled randomly, which is not what I want. ;-)